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मा. पोलीस आयुक्त कार्यालय औरंगाबाद शहर अंतर्गत बीडीडीएस कार्यालयातील फ़र्निचर दुरुस्तीबाबत... New
विशेष पोलीस अधिकारी पथक व ड्रोन कैमेरा विभाग यांचे पितळी व ऐक्रेलिक लोगो खरेदी बाबत... New
मा. पोलीस आयुक्त कार्यालय औरंगाबाद शहर अंतर्गत पोलीस ठाणे व शाखा कार्यालय यांचेसाठीचे वार्षिक रजिस्टर - कोरे व छपाईकरुन घेणे बाबत... New
विशेष पोलीस अधिकारी नियुक्ती बाबत
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पोलीस शिपाई भरती २०१७ विषयी 
औरंगाबाद मध्यवर्ती काराग्रुहातील संचीत व अभिवचन रजेवरुन फ़रार बंद्याचे फ़ोटो व इतर माहिती
सार्वजनिक जागेवर धार्मिक स्थळ किंवा धार्मिक स्थळाचे बांधकाम करणे बाबत
Temporary gradation list of ASI,HC, NPC, PC dated 01.09.2016 
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Aurangabad city police, basically aimed at improving the quality of life by ensuring public safety and order with public participation. The community policing strategy was based on the following presumptions.

Our democratic setup is sustained and strengthened by observance of Rule of Law. We are command to the value that improved public confidence only will lead to the realization and Shared responsibility work together for better quality of life in the society.  The police as a law enforcing agency derives its legitimacy from the Sanction enjoined upon by the public at large, in enforcing the Rule of Law.

We believe that a healthy police public relationship can alone secure the desired measures of public involvement and co-operation in policing in order to make it intrinsically more meaningful and acceptable to the society. We subscribe the principle that highest quality of professionalism with public co-ordination can bridge the gap between police & public and restore public confidence, coupled with firm, fair and impartial action.


Aurangabad city Climate

The co-ordinates for Aurangabad are N 19 53' 47" E 75 23' 54". The city is surrounded by hills on all directions.

Climate Classification: Aurangabad features a semiarid climate under the Kppen climate classification.

Temperature: Annual mean temperatures in Aurangabad range from 17 to 33 C, with the most comfortable time to visit in the winter October to February. The highest maximum temperature ever recorded was 46 C (114 F) on 25 May 1905. The lowest recorded temperature was 2 C (36 F) on 2 February 1911. In the cold season, the district is sometimes affected by cold waves in association with the eastward passage of western disturbances across north India, when the minimum temperature may drop down to about 2 C to 4 C (35.6 F to 39.2 F)

Rainfall: Most of the rainfall occurs in the monsoon season from June to September.Thunderstorms occur between November to April. Average annual rainfall is 710 mm.The city is often cloudy during the monsoon season and the cloud cover may remain together days. The daily maximum temperature in the city often drops to around 22 C due to the cloud cover and heavy rains


The Aurangabad Police Commissionerate is situated in the heart of the city near Mill Corner at Dr.B.A.Marg. It is 10.5 km. away from the Airport Aurangabad & 3.2km, 1.5km.away from Railway station & Central Bus Stand respectively. It is very easy to reach by any transportation means.

Contact Us at
Office of the Commissioner of Police,
Dr. B.A.Marg, Mill Corner,
Aurangabad. 431001
Maharashtra State.

Phone : +91 240 2240500, 2240591, 2240592



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